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March 14, 2023

Hi Team –
Last Sunday, we turned the clocks forward and later this week, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – a day that brings out the “Irish” in all of us. As we move another step closer to Spring, let’s hope the leprechauns bring lots of luck and not too much mischief this Friday! Here at TriHealth, we continue to make our own “luck” through hard work and an uncompromising commitment to lead the way in Getting Healthcare Right! Here are the latest highlights of our progress...
Getting Healthcare Right
Telling Our Story Through Our New TriHealth Brand Promise
It has now been nearly eight years since we committed ourselves to a bold new vision to Get Healthcare Right. This multi-year journey has been defined by adoption of innovative care and financing models and development of new “population health” capabilities that are enabling TriHealth to consistently deliver on the Triple Aim + One – better care, better health, better value, plus an enhanced team member and physician work and practice environment. And today, because of our hard work and unwavering determination, TriHealth is increasingly being recognized – both in our region and across the country – as THE model and benchmark for Getting Healthcare Right. And we are doing this by delivering more coordinated, patient-centered, and affordable care with one singular goal – to improve the health of our patients and community! Now, it’s time to tell our story and why it matters in a broader and more compelling way!!! 
To help us do so, we have been working behind the scenes with our Marketing Communications team in recent months to develop a comprehensive, multi-year plan to educate our patients and community on how TriHealth is different and better, and why that matters. We will do this in part by introducing the TriHealth brand promise. And what is a  “brand promise”? It is a clear and concise articulation of what sets TriHealth apart, and it is rooted in the “three Ds” – desirable, deliverable, and distinctive. The extensive research we’ve done – among consumers, physicians, and team members – clearly shows that healthcare consumers want the kind of care we provide (desirable and deliverable) and no one else in this market is doing it the way we are (distinctive). All the top consumer brands use their brand promise as that “North Star” in all of their marketing and communication – and today, TriHealth is Cincinnati’s top healthcare brand! And since our team members are at the “heart” of our brand promise –and bring it to life consistently, one patient at a time – we want YOU to help us put the finishing touches on it. So, I’m excited to share that as part of this year’s Healthcare Heroes Week celebration (May 8-14, 2023), we will be incorporating the new brand promise into our 2023 Healthcare Heroes T-shirt – and we want you to vote to help us select the final design!! Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks on how to vote for your favorite design AND place your order for your super soft 2023 Healthcare Heroes T-shirt!
March Team Member Town Hall – Tomorrow (March 15) at Noon
Please make plans to join us tomorrow at noon on Bridge for our March Team Member Town Hall. We plan to review the latest progress in our work to Get Healthcare Right, celebrate wins, and as always, answer your questions – with some really cool TriHealth prizes for those who join the conversation! Click here to review our draft agenda. Also, there’s still time to share your thoughts and suggestions about the important topics, wins, and questions you’d like covered during the Town Hall. Just put them in an email to today and we’ll be sure to add them to the discussion!
Celebrating Certified Nurses Day, March 19
National Certified Nurses Day is this coming Sunday, March 19. It provides us with a wonderful opportunity to recognize and celebrate our 1,100 certified TriHealth nurses for their professionalism, dedication, and many contributions which enable TriHealth to deliver the very best clinical care and service to every patient we serve, always
As healthcare and the nursing profession become increasingly more complex and specialized, the role of board-certified nurses is more important than ever in our efforts to consistently exceed our high standards of care for patients and families. In fact, every year since 2013, TriHealth has experienced an increase in the number and percentage of clinical and bedside nurses who hold specialty certifications. Today, more than 43 percent of our total nursing staff hold such certifications – and the number continues to grow each year (see list of Top 10 Specialty Certifications to right) – WOW!! A BIG thank you to all of our certified nurses – and our entire TriHealth Nursing Team – for all you do every day, in every interaction to make TriHealth the place where patients choose to receive their care and where team members choose to work. Visit Bridge to learn more about Certified Nurses Day and all the ways TriHealth supports our team members in getting specialty certifications.
Honoring Vietnam Veterans at 50th Anniversary Tribute, March 29
TriHealth and our nation are deeply grateful for the dedication and sacrifices of veterans and active members of the armed forces who protect the freedoms we enjoy and have come to expect as Americans. And through our Employee Resource Group TAGS (TriHealth Armed Forces Group and Supporters), we regularly find meaningful ways to honor and support veterans, their families, and friends of the military. So, I’m excited to share that on March 29, TriHealth will be joined by a number of other organizations and co-sponsors in hosting a 50th Anniversary Tribute to Vietnam Veterans. This important tribute marks the 50th anniversary of the final troops coming home from the Vietnam War and is intended to recognize and honor ALL veterans for their selfless and heroic service to our country. The event will be held at Xavier University’s Cintas Center from 6-9pm and admission is free, though registration is required. Visit Bridge to learn more and register to attend.
COVID Update
No news continues to be good news with respect to COVID, as new transmission rates have remained low and stable over the past week (see COVID graphics to right for details).  
It takes a GREAT team to become a GREAT health system – and thanks to YOU, we can proudly say we have BOTH! Keep up the GREAT work and have a GREAT St. Patrick’s Day this Friday!!

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