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TriHealth Bridge: The WHY and the HOW

TriHealth Bridge has now been live for over a week, and we appreciate hearing your feedback. To help answer some of your questions, we want to further explain the purpose, layout and design behind our new intranet.

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The Weekly Update - July 15

Last week, our 800+ system leaders took part in the first Leadership Development Institute (LDI) of Fiscal Year 2020 – the 13th LDI since our journey from good to great began over three years ago!
As I shared last week, the July LDI was titled, “Mastering Change, Leading with Agility." Now about halfway through our five-plus year journey to get healthcare right, this LDI provided our leaders with practical tools and skill-building around how best to engage and support our team members and physicians as we adapt and change in response to today’s unprecedented industry transformation.

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Using TriHealth Bridge - Search and My Links

The combination of an improved search engine and personal navigation using My Links will provide you with the improved user experience you need to find and save the system news and information that is most important to you

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APEX Award Nominations Now Open

New award developed to recognize one exceptional advanced practice clinician each year. Click here to submit your nomination!

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