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June 04, 2024

Hi Team –
I hope your summer is off to a great start, and that you have fun plans in store to relax, recharge and get away in the coming months to enjoy all that summer offers!
As we turn our calendars from May to June, we are now in the final weeks of FY2024 and are on track to finish strong, thanks to your continued efforts to be your best and bring out the best in each other and all those we serve! And together, as ONE Team, TriHealth STRONG, I look forward to ushering in yet another year of impressive progress that will ultimately result in care that is even safer, more accessible, and affordable; patients that are healthier; and a workplace that is increasingly seen as the employer of choice in our community!
Getting Healthcare Right
Telling Our Story: How TriHealth is Using “Big Data” and Analytics to Drive Population Health
As one, among many, other ways we are telling the story of our work to transform healthcare for the better, we are again collaborating with the Cincinnati Business Courier on a series of monthly columns. These columns aim to educate employers and the business community about our nation’s broken healthcare system – a system that spends more and gets less than any other country in the world – and why and how we can do better. As importantly, we highlight why and how this benefits area businesses through healthier employees, improved productivity and a healthier bottom line.
In the latest Getting Health Care Right column, which I co-authored with Dr. Raymond Metzger, President of the TriHealth Population Health Organization (TPHO) and TPP Internal Medicine Physician (pictured right), we explore the many ways that technological advances – like Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics – are powering TriHealth’s work to improve the health of the 600,000 patients we serve while expanding access and providing more affordable care. These data-driven insights are transforming every aspect of how healthcare is delivered for the better – from proactively analyzing patient health records... to providing powerful insights to ensure we deliver the right care at the right time... to precisely diagnosing and treating patients... to more effectively communicating and engaging with patients, and much more.
In this article, we share with business leaders the far-reaching implications and benefits of a healthcare system focused more on helping patients maintain optimal health versus simply treating them when they are sick. And these benefits for employers include reduced employee absenteeism, improved employer productivity, lower employer and consumer healthcare costs, stronger, healthier families and saved lives. Click here to read the article.
Save the Date: 2024 TriHealth Engagement Survey Launches June 17
Fulfilling our brand promise to “see, hear and heal” is not limited to the patients and communities we serve. It is also a commitment we make to our TriHealth team members and physicians, as part of our work to build a culture that ALWAYS supports our people in being their best and doing their best for all those we serve... and for each other!! Ultimately, this is how we achieve our vision of being the place where team members most want to work, where physicians most want to practice and ultimately where patients increasingly choose to receive their care.
So, as part of our continued efforts to “see and hear” you, please plan to participate in the 2024 TriHealth Engagement Survey, which will be available starting Monday, June 17 and continuing through Friday, June 28. This is one of many important opportunities to be “seen” and have your voice “heard” as it relates to your work experience, our TriHealth culture and the future success of our healthcare system. And we want to hear from ALL of you, because the more team members we hear from, the better we can assess what’s going well and where we can take action to continue to improve in ways most important to you!
Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more details on the 2024 TriHealth Engagement Survey in my next Weekly Update, on Bridge and from your leader.
Annual Mandatory Education Due June 30
Building and sustaining a culture of safety and reliability that supports our people in doing the “right thing in the right way” for those we serve is central to our work of Getting Healthcare Right. And one of the most important ways we can do this is to make sure we are knowledgeable of, and consistently apply, our evidence-based TriHealth Way and other clinical “best” practices when caring for every patient, every time, while we also comply with all relevant regulations and laws.
So, each year, all TriHealth team members, medical staff and advanced practice practitioners are required to complete Annual Mandatory Education (AME). AME provides a refresher on important and high-risk topics that could ultimately help save a life or prevent serious harm to our team members, patients and visitors.
Why is this education mandatory? Because evidence shows that when we consistently apply our TriHealth Way of Serving and Delivering Care practices, our care is safer, patients are more satisfied with their care experience and clinical outcomes and health are better. And we can’t achieve consistency in the application of our TriHealth Way practices without consistency in knowledge and skills... which is why this can’t be optional!
So, as a reminder, our entire TriHealth team must complete the 2024 AME requirement by no later than Sunday, June 30, 2024. If you haven’t done so already, please visit TriHealth Learn soon to access and complete AME before the deadline.
Thank you, for everything you do each day to help make TriHealth the best it can be for all those we serve and those we serve beside. From sharing your candid thoughts and feedback to going that extra mile to make a difference for our patients and fellow team members, your commitment to “CARE” is what is setting TriHealth apart as THE leader in bringing better, more affordable care and improved health to our community... one patient at a time, every time!!

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Great article on how we get healthcare right by Mark Clement and DR. Metzger. Easy read and very informative.
Posted by: Darla Daniel on June 05, 2024
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good update
Posted by: Nicole Dickman on June 05, 2024
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