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May 23, 2023

Hi Team –
I hope you had the chance to get out and enjoy all of the beautiful, mostly sunny weather we had last weekend! And what a weekend to enjoy a Reds vs. Yankees game on TriHealth – which I hope many of you did with your pair of free tickets!! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, there’s still time! Click here to order them today! 
Getting Healthcare Right
TriHealth, bi3 Participate in Regional Think Tank on Equity & Inclusion
As we’ve been sharing recently through our Town Halls and my Weekly Updates, TriHealth is accelerating its vital work to proactively address health disparities and achieve greater health equity – here at TriHealth and throughout our community. This is essential for delivering on the Triple Aim of better care, better health, and better value for ALL those we serve, always! And achieving the Triple Aim is at the core of our work to Get Healthcare Right. 
This commitment to lead the way in advancing Health Equity throughout the region is why we have made the decisions to invest in the development of the TriHealth Center for Health Equity and to name Dr. Thomas Shockley to the newly created role of Chief Health Equity Officer. And, it is why we are taking steps to foster collaboration and build coalitions among community partners, including other health systems and employers to address community-wide health disparities. For example, I recently partnered with Jill Miller, President and CEO of Bethesda Inc and bi3, to help organize and present at the 2023 Think Tank on Equity & Inclusion, hosted by the Abercrumbie Group. 
During the event, I hosted a CEO breakfast conversation on Health and Wealth Equity, attended by CEOs of major health systems, businesses, and community organizations. We discussed the very real impact that social determinants of health (SDH) have on our population and how TriHealth and bi3 are investing in innovative programs and initiatives to address these issues – all to deliver better care, better health, and better value for our entire population. Throughout this conversation, there was a real understanding and growing commitment that we ALL must and will do more in collective and collaborative ways to address health disparities and improve health equity head-on.
Events like this one are helping to energize and unite our community to take even bolder steps to measurably advance health and wealth equity for black and brown communities. These steps include, among others, addressing SDH, scaling minority and women-owned businesses, and implementing other unique equity strategies. I’ll share updates on the progress of this community-wide collaborative work in the coming months.
Better Telling Our Story…. How We are Getting Healthcare Right
We are now nearly a month into the launch of our new brand promise – surprisingly human care that drives exceptional health outcomesBe seen. Be heard. Be healed. And all signs indicate that our new brand is getting noticed and connecting personally with the TriHealth team, our patients, and the larger community! We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the brand from our team members, evidenced by a strong showing of our new brand promise t-shirts throughout TriHealth, as well as hundreds of positive comments shared with leaders while rounding. You have told us you feel your work, your role, and your commitment to our patients is reflected in, and brought to life by, our brand promise – and that is a proud indicator for TriHealth that we’re getting it right!
Additionally, our community has spoken “loudly” about our brand promise, as measured by these impressive statistics, just four weeks into our launch:
  • We’ve generated more than 11 million impressions (audience interactions/views) through all advertising channels!
  • Our online advertising is performing 175% higher than average!
  • Our social media brand engagement is five times the industry average!
  • We’ve received nearly 23,000 visits to our brand landing page on!
And why does this matter? It matters because it affirms that our new brand position is resonating with our team and our community and it is effectively communicating – in a very real and relatable waywho we are and what patients can expect from their experience with TriHealth.   
And as yet another example of TriHealth’s emergence as an industry model for Getting Healthcare Right, last week, Monigle – a national leader in healthcare branding – recognized TriHealth as a Top 20 National Healthcare Brand…. and the strongest brand in Cincinnati! This ranking actually took place prior to the launch of our new brand, which means our new brand position is building on an already solid foundation and will only strengthen in the months and years ahead. And we will do this by demonstrating our brand in action, as we continue to deliver the “surprisingly human care” our community wants and deserves, always! Click here to read Monigle’s latest report on the power of a human-centered healthcare brand experience.
Courier Podcast – Multidisciplinary Approach to Advanced Heart Care
TriHealth’s bold vision to develop the region’s destination heart and vascular program is an important part of our work to Get Healthcare Right (right care, right place, right cost, right outcomes). Since 2018, we have advanced and brought this vision to life through development of our TriHealth Heart Hospital, affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic, and continued investments in our cardiovascular service line and facilities. In doing so, we have further strengthened our ability to deliver on the Triple Aim + One – better care, better health, and better value for every patient we serve and an enhanced practice and work environment for our physicians and team members. And a great example of this is found in our rapidly growing Advanced Heart Failure Program, which has been a critical and life-saving resource for patients diagnosed with heart failure. In the latest Getting Health Care Right podcast with the Cincinnati Business Courier, Dr. Sateesh Kesari, Director of our Advanced Heart Failure Program (pictured above), and TriHealth heart failure patient, Brian Smith, share how TriHealth’s multidisciplinary Advanced Heart Failure team assesses risk factors and diagnoses cardiomyopathy and develops a fully comprehensive care plan for this truly life-saving care. Click here to listen. 
Celebrating Memorial Day and Our Armed Service Heroes
This coming Monday, we celebrate Memorial Day, a day to honor and remember all the women and men who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our nation in the Armed Forces. At TriHealth, we are proud to use this opportunity to also extend our deep gratitude to our own team members and physicians who have selflessly served or are currently serving our country. Many of these team members are actively engaged in our TriHealth Armed Forces Groups and Supporters (TAGS) Employee Resource Group (ERG). And in honor of all those who have bravely served our country, our TAGS ERG will be sponsoring two Memorial Day Flag Folding Ceremonies this Thursday, May 25, held at 10:00 am at Bethesda North Hospital and at 1:00 pm at Hospice of Cincinnati Blue Ash. I hope you are able to participate in these important tributes to the servicemembers who lost their lives protecting our freedoms.
As we enter the first of the summer’s three holidays, I want to wish you a safe and very enjoyable upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend! And a BIG THANK YOU to all of our team members and physicians who will serve our patients throughout the holiday weekend. 

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