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12 January, 2021

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Hi Team –

Throughout the past year, our faith, resiliency, and sense of unity has been tested over and over as we’ve faced one unprecedented crisis after another, up to and including last week’s heartbreaking events in our nation’s capital. And while we’ve all felt weary, discouraged, and yes, even hopeless at times, the one thing that has enabled us to prevail, time and time again, is our commitment to come together in service to – and sacrifice for – the greater common good. And I know it is this commitment that will, once again, bring us through these dark days and into a new dawn built from our common goal and shared commitment to restore peace, stability, and community to our great country. We are a nation built on our shared beliefs in our democratic institutions, our constitution, and our mutual respect for peaceful expression of our differences.


COVID Update

The U.S. reported more COVID cases and deaths last week than during any time since the start of the pandemic, attributed, at least in part, to recent holiday travel and gatherings, and continued inconsistent use of simple and effective safety measures, like masking. However, despite record levels of regional and national COVID cases, the number of COVID hospitalizations at TriHealth remains relatively stable in the range of 140 – 180 cases that we have experienced since November (shown in the sidebar on the right). We continue to safely and successfully care for our current COVID inpatients within our hospitals, and remain ever ready to expand capacity, if needed. With the vaccination process now well underway, monoclonal antibody therapies available and in use, and millions of recovered Americans contributing to herd immunity, we are well on our way to bringing an end to this pandemic. Thank you to all those who have already received the vaccine. Your decision to lead the way in helping our community feel safe and comfortable getting vaccinated is commendable! If you have yet to start your vaccination process, please educate yourself, talk with your family, and schedule your vaccine appointment. There are plenty of vaccine appointments available this week! You’ll find all the resources and information to do so on our Bridge Vaccine Resource page. Remember, it’s vital that as many team members as possible get vaccinated. As Dr. Fauci has stated, ideally, we need 80-85% of our workforce vaccinated in order to build the herd immunity necessary to put this pandemic behind us and get back to living full and enjoyable lives!


Building on Martin Luther King, Jr’s Inspiring Legacy

January 18th is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and we will be commemorating the holiday with a month-long celebration to honor Dr. King and his legacy, and to kick off and accelerate the next phase of our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work. I want to take this opportunity to thank Bethesda Inc’s, bi3, for the generous grant which will expand upon TriHealth’s investment in the resources necessary to achieve our DEI goals, which include continuing to strengthen our workplace culture and patient care experience by better reflecting and respecting the rich diversity in our community along with increasing diversity in leadership, our workforce and our provider communities. Doing so will build the foundation required to create more positive and trusting interactions between team members, patients, and providers that will lead to improved health and healthcare equity for ALL, including and especially the underserved in our community.

Over the course of this month, we’ll be hosting videos and providing opportunities to share what Dr. King’s legacy means to you. We’ll also devote a portion of our Town Hall on Jan. 19 to pay tribute to Dr. King and provide an update on our DEI priorities and work. During the month, we’ll also share tips and ideas about how you can participate in his legacy by supporting positive change in your own community that can contribute to greater respect for differences and the advancement of understanding, civil rights and justice for all. And we’re just getting started! Look forward to more celebrations, videos, and learning opportunities in February during Black History Month! I have admired so many things about the life, teachings, and example of Dr. King, and his quote below is one demonstration of why:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we all grapple with how best to heal and move forward as a nation following the events of the past week and year, it seems both fitting and timely that we can still turn to the words of Dr. King to find insight, hope, and inspiration. What a great testament to his inspiring leadership and unwavering commitment to make this world a better, more peaceful and just place. In closing, I encourage you to take the time to view two of his most powerful and moving speeches, “I Have a Dream” and “The Other America.” And let’s all continue to do our part to keep the dream alive!

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