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20 March, 2020

TriHealth Team Members,


One of TriHealth’s core values in the way we SERVE is through our shared sacrifice and how we respond, particularly right now when we are needed most in the community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to every member of our community, as we are all being impacted by the current COVID-19 emergency in one way or another. Many of our team members have asked how they can quickly and most effectively help those who are struggling the most during this pandemic. This desire to care for others, and our understanding of a shared sacrifice, is deeply rooted in our spiritual heritage and demonstrated over the years by the Sisters of Charity and the Bethesda Deaconesses. This shared sacrifice to serve others continues to live on through our efforts of compassionate care today.


In addition to assisting our own team members in need as a result of this unprecedented and unanticipated economic emergency, we have included a few other ways you and your family can support children, families and seniors in our community who are most at risk. Information is listed below.  


Thank you for asking how we can embrace our sacred call to SERVE others together as we work to make an impact in our community with a compassionate emergent response.




Rev. Frank Nation                                      Jeanette Altenau

Vice President, Mission and Culture        Director, Community Relations


Please contact Jeanette Altenau,, with questions.  


During this difficult time, we need to lean on each other for support. TriHealth’s Team Member Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to those experiencing a crisis. Please consider making a donation to support our amazing team members who are working tirelessly to care for our patients and community. 




TriHealth has an established history of partnering with the Freestore Foodbank to feed those who need it most in our community. TriHealth’s funding made the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market possible and continues to support Power Packs across our community every day – including during this particularly challenging time. Many team members have asked about Freestore Foodbank accepting food donations. At this time, they are asking us not to donate food specifically because doing so could add to the current challenges at the local grocery stores and would also require additional Freestore volunteers to sort and pack. 


By donating to the TriHealth Virtual Food Drive, the Freestore Foodbank can purchase large quantities of food to be shipped directly to their distribution center at a lower cost which would then get distributed to the local pantries and partners immediately.


Your donation of $5.00 TODAY can assist in providing 15 meals to food insecure children and families TOMORROW.



Over 4 years ago, TriHealth was the first corporate partner to invest in Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank and spark its growth into the thriving nonprofit it is today. As an organization, TriHealth employees from all over the organization have donated their time, expertise, and cash to help SCDB distribute over 175,000 diapers a month to more than 3,500 babies in Greater Cincinnati. Most recently, TriHealth invested in SCDB's move to a new 16,000 sq ft facility in Lower Price Hill where the TriHealth Compassion Impact Center was created to facilitate hundreds of volunteers each month. As an essential business, SCDB is continuing to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic, without volunteers, to ensure current distributions are maintained to their 47 active partner agencies. They are also anticipating and preparing for an exponential increase in the need for diapers in the next 2-3 weeks as families go through their first pay cycle without a paycheck and begin to experience situational poverty. Through their buying channels, SCDB can purchase 2-3x more diapers than someone going to the store, and in the exact sizes they need. They are requesting cash donations to purchase additional diapers in bulk quantities, which will also help alleviate stress on grocery stores trying to stock their shelves.



Thanks again to our team members for your ongoing support of our community!


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Thank you for the information. God bless All our Medical Workers. Stay Safe ALL !!
Posted by: Frances Paytes on 20 April, 2020

I will consider donation. Thank you for all you are doing!
Posted by: Carol Johansing2 on 02 April, 2020

Thank you for providing this information. Melinda Campbell
Posted by: Melinda Campbell on 28 March, 2020

We are BLESSED to be a BLESSING!
Posted by: Team Member on 25 March, 2020

We are BLESSED to be a BLESSING!
Posted by: Team Member on 25 March, 2020

We are BLESSED to be a BLESSING!
Posted by: Team Member on 25 March, 2020