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24 June, 2020

Watch the full Racial Inequality & Injustice Town Hall from Wednesday, June 24. Mark Clement, President & CEO of TriHealth, and Mardia Shands, Chief Diversity Officer, led a panel discussion about the challenging topics of racial inequality, injustice and disparities in healthcare, plus answered questions from the audience. The questions that were not answered due to time restraints will be posted here with answers as soon as possible.

Thank you to our Diversity & Inclusion team for creating an event for this important discussion!

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A great beginning to an imperative conversation! Each team member should be required to watch this video and given an opportunity to submit questions or topics of discussion. There is something useful for each of us to learn and with that education minds and hearts can be changed. These uncomfortable conversations are necessary! Thank you!!!
Posted by: Team Member on 11 July, 2020
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Racism is a condition of the heart in all people and until the heart is changed and we no longer look at the color of one's skin, that's when racism truly be abolished.
Posted by: Team Member on 10 July, 2020
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I fully believe there is no human color in heaven. We are all God's children. May God Bless you.
Posted by: Team Member on 02 July, 2020
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Mark & TriHealth thank you so much for commitment to DEI! Mardia thanks for your voice and foresight. As an organization we have a ways to go but we're on our way with insight and leadership that remains committed. Thank you, Karen
Posted by: Team Member on 26 June, 2020
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