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09 August, 2019

TriHealth is committed to improving the health of the patients we serve. For our littlest patients, this means not just physical health, but also developmental health that leads to success in school and in life. Most parents don’t know that 85% of brain development occurs during the first three years of life. The key to making the most out of these critical years is talking. Early verbal communication has been shown to be determinant of future success in school and correlates to high school graduation rates.

TriHealth is excited to launch the Early Learning City initiative in Greater Cincinnati, promoting kindergarten readiness through parent engagement. New parents will receive a Brain Bag in the hospital or at their child’s well visit, a gift with a purpose containing valuable tools that educate on the power of parent talk in the early development of a child’s brain. TriHealth Pediatrics providers will also incorporate Early Learning City communication in their touchpoints during those first years of life. The Brain Bag includes “Baby Steps”, a baby development book that can be personalized to track milestones; “Fiona’s Feelings”, a storybook; and a TriHealth booklet with talking tips and local resources. We thank the Ed and Joann Hubert Family Foundation, the Bethesda Foundation, the Good Samaritan Foundation, and the McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Foundation for providing the funds to reach over 15,000 patients over the next year.

What can you do? Talk, talk, talk! To any child with whom you interact. For more information, visit or contact You can also connect with Early Learning City on Facebook and Twitter. @CincyELC

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Do you have hand flyers to give out with this information on it?
Posted by: April Griffin on 04 September, 2019

Posted by: Karen Smith2 on 28 August, 2019

I would love to get The Brain Bags at our office and have them available for parents/families. I have noticed that the question is on the screening questionnaire when I'm asking my questions, but I haven't had a parent state that they have received a Brain Bag a the hospital or elsewhere...
Posted by: Erin Hall on 21 August, 2019

Posted by: Erin Hall on 21 August, 2019

The ODH has the "Help me Grow" program that emphasizes education and parent support. They even do home visit. Patients can self refer. Nice to know there are multiple resources for new parents.
Posted by: Barbara Weber on 20 August, 2019

Posted by: Team Member on 19 August, 2019

Can we give out the "Brain Bags " at discharge from MBU and SCN?
Posted by: Team Member on 17 August, 2019

This is great information for any parent to have.
Posted by: Team Member on 16 August, 2019

Posted by: Patty Rice on 14 August, 2019

Posted by: SarahBelew Cox on 14 August, 2019

Posted by: Lauren Gilmer on 12 August, 2019