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Printable Onboarding Instructions

Welcome to TriHealth! We are excited you are having a student experience with us. It is important the necessary legal agreements are in place between your school and TriHealth prior to you coming here to learn. To prepare for your TriHealth student experience, all students must complete onboarding and orientation requirements prior to their first day on site at TriHealth. All students must:

1. Confirm your school has an existing student affiliation agreement and certificate of insurance (COI) with TriHealth. (This step is not necessary for pre-licensure nursing clinical rotations.)

2. Watch TriHealth’s orientation videos below:

3. Complete all learning modules below:

  • You must receive a minimum of 80% on any required quiz.
  • Access to a printer is required.
  • Print the certificate included at the end of any programs
  • Print your “Student Orientation Attestation” form. Submit to your school for record keeping
  • Annual Mandatory Education (AME)
  • COVID-19 Self-Screening Assessment
  • SOAR Always Behaviors at TriHealth
  • WBT22: Lasting Impressions - AIDET + the Promise
  • WBT22: Lasting Impressions Service Recovery
  • WBT22: Safety and Reliability Overview 
  • WBT20: IRIS for All Team Members 
  • WBT22: Social Media Use at TriHealth 
  • WBT20: No Pass Zone
  • Student Orientation Attestation
    • Print certificate
    • Provide a copy to school
    • Provide a copy to Protective Services when picking up your TriHealth badge

    4. All nursing students and clinical instructors assigned to an inpatient clinical experience must also complete the following:

    4A. All clinical instructors assigned to an inpatient clinical experience must also complete the following:

    5. Ensure all health requirements are fulfilled

    6. Nursing students: bypass this step. You will receive your badge at the clinical site. Nursing student background checks must be submitted by the school clinical coordinator to before the start of the clinical rotation.

    All other clinical experiences - Schedule your visit to obtain your ID badge with TriHealth’s Norwood Protective Services department no later than 4 business days prior to your start date:

    Schedule Here

    • Located at 4750 Wesley Avenue. 1A, Norwood, OH 45212
    • Ensure that you complete the entire orientation program prior to your security appointment.
    • Appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes between 6:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
    • REQUIREMENTS to obtain badge:
      • Government issued photo ID
      • Social Security Card
      • Vehicle registration for parking sticker
      • Student Orientation Attestation certificate
      1. eLearn completion for current calendar year
      2. Vaccination compliance acknowledgement
      3. Preceptor name, work location, floor and/or unit name/number
    • Badges must be returned to Protective Services on the last day of the clinical rotation
    • If you have questions regarding badging, please call 513 569 6166

    7. Ensure that you know where to park at your assigned location

    8. Upon completion of your clinical rotation complete the post clinical evaluation linked below, and return your badge.