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April 02, 2024

Hi Team –
Last Thursday, Cincinnati and its many baseball fans truly “painted the town Red” to celebrate Reds Opening Day – and our hometown team did not disappoint with both an opening day and series win this past weekend! We hope and expect it’s just one of a long season of wins leading up to another championship run to the World Series. 
And as the Reds return to town for their next homestand later this week, we’ll be sending these 25 lucky TriHealth team members and their guests to the Sunday, April 7 game vs. the New York Mets to root on the Reds to victory: 
If you weren’t lucky enough to win Reds tickets in this giveaway, don’t worry! We’ll be doing several more ticket raffles throughout the season. And don’t forget, you can still order your FREE pair of Reds tickets, compliments of TriHealth – available to every team member! Just click here for details. 
Getting Healthcare Right
Investing in Our Facilities: New Good Samaritan Hospital Garage Opens
I’m excited to share that last week I was joined by hundreds of physicians and team members to celebrate completion of the first of many phases of the $240 million Good Samaritan campus transformation, with the official opening of the new South Garage. The new five-floor garage is located on the site formerly occupied by the Hebrew Union Dormitory and has more than 700 parking spaces. The garage features electric vehicle charging stations, large vehicle parking spaces, enhanced lighting and security, and an expanded pedestrian canopy offering a sheltered walkway with heated pavement.
This garage replaces the old team member parking garage located off Dixmyth Avenue, which will be demolished shortly to make way for the 168,000-square-foot, six-story South Tower. Once completed, the South Tower will include the new Emergency Department, TriHealth Cancer & Blood Institute, Advanced Surgical Institute & Neurosciences, TriHealth Heart & Vascular Institute, Women’s Services, Diagnostic Imaging, and more!
Post-LDI Priorities and the Work Ahead to Improve Pillar Goal Performance 
As we turn the page on March, we begin the fourth and final quarter of FY2024 and prepare for the start of our next fiscal year. At a time when the healthcare industry continues to struggle with post-pandemic workforce and financial challenges, TriHealth’s fiscal year to date has been marked by encouraging progress and improved performance on many fronts and with many of our Pillar Goals. However, we too, face industry challenges and have opportunities for improvement with several of our Pillar Goals. 
On the positive side, because of you, we have seen impressive progress with our safety goals, including reduced falls with harm and hospital acquired infections (HAIs), along with marked improvement in our culture of safety survey results. We have also seen solid volume growth across most of our service lines and care sites, as our community increasingly turns to TriHealth as its most trusted healthcare provider. And, we made encouraging gains in team member and physician engagement while continuing to deliver strong financial performance. So, a BIG thank you for all you have done to make FY2024 another strong and improving year for those we serve and those who serve!
Yet while we have made solid progress in many areas, challenges remain, including inconsistent patient experiences, getting staffing right due to unprecedented workforce shortages, and becoming a more reliable organization to further reduce harm and more consistently fulfill our brand promise to “see, hear, and heal” by delivering surprisingly human care, always. To address these challenges, we devoted our most recent LDI and our follow-up Leadership Meetings to this important work. In my next Weekly Update, I’ll share more about the post-LDI work that’s now underway with leaders and how you can help as we work together to hardwire communication in the clinical and non-clinical settings, improve selection/onboarding to reduce turnover, and continue to build a culture of reliability for you, our teams, and our patients.
Click here for more information on our year-to-date Pillar performance, and be sure to join us for our next Town Hall on April 16 where we’ll continue the discussion in greater detail and share plans for driving accelerated performance improvement during the remainder of FY2024. 
Planning for the Total Solar Eclipse
Next Monday, April 8, much of Greater Cincinnati will experience a once-in-a-lifetime event – a total solar eclipse – the first in Ohio since 1806! The eclipse is predicted to occur between 2 – 4pm, with the peak total eclipse anticipated for around 3pm. At that time, Hamilton and Oxford communities will experience a 100% eclipse, while other areas of our region and state will experience a 99% eclipse. 
Public officials anticipate an increase in people traveling to our region to view the eclipse, which may stress cell phone services, gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores, and therefore require some extra planning and patience. We are also told there may be more cars on the road – and stopped along the roadsides – before and after the eclipse, so you may want to plan your travel accordingly, and most importantly, stay safe. Visit Bridge for comprehensive information on the total solar eclipse, including regional eclipse zone maps and safety tips.
As we head into the final quarter of fiscal year 2024, I want to thank you for your dedication to our vision of Getting Healthcare Right AND to delivering on our promise to those we serve of surprisingly human care that drives exceptional health outcomes...always. Because of you and our collective commitment to transform healthcare for the better, our patients are healthier, our services are safer and more accessible, and our care is more affordable. Now THAT is Getting Healthcare Right!!!

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