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January 31, 2023

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Hi Team -

While sadly, we aren’t celebrating an AFC Championship this week, our Cincinnati Bengals proved that last year’s run to the Super Bowl was no fluke! They are back-to-back AFC North Division Champions and gave all of us fans a great season, and so much to look forward to next year – WAY TO GO, BENGALS!!


Getting Healthcare Right
Latest TriHealth Partnership Will Accelerate Our Ability to Deliver on The Triple Aim

Since TriHealth was founded more than 25 years ago through a partnership between Good Sam and Bethesda, our system has been selectively forging the right strategic and clinical partnerships to advance our work of “Getting Healthcare Right” — the right care in the right place to achieve the right and best health outcomes for the right cost. Just one month ago, TriHealth announced a landmark affiliation with the Cleveland Clinic – the only of its kind in Ohio – to accelerate program development and clinical improvement in our own TriHealth Heart and Vascular Institute. This is just one of many “best-of-the-best” partnerships we’ve developed in recent years in support of our journey from Good to Great for the benefit of all those we serve and those who serve! 

And today, I am thrilled to announce that TriHealth officially entered into our newest strategic partnership with Truveta. Truveta is a consortium of 27 of the nation’s leading health systems that have joined together to share clinical data to advance research and improve patient health outcomes. 

Through this partnership, TriHealth will gain access to more than 75 million de-identified health records (meaning all identifying demographic information) from patients across the entire country, representative of a diverse range of health conditions and patient populations. Coupled with TriHealth’s continued investment in, and utilization of, advanced information technology, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, and “big data,” our Truveta partnership will give us the ability to benchmark outcomes against nearly one-quarter of the U.S. population. This has the potential to accelerate our team’s ability to identify and adopt more effective clinical practices and therapies that can help us achieve the Triple Aim of better care, better health, and better value. Specifically, our participation in Truveta will allow us to:

  • Provide our physicians and care teams with even greater insights to support early detection and prevention
  • Better manage chronic conditions
  • Proactively close gaps in care and rising risk

I look forward to sharing the many exciting ways we will be utilizing this “Big Data” – now available through our Truveta relationship – to improve care through new clinical insights!

Celebrating Black History Month
Black History Month begins tomorrow and our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Belonging (DEI+B) team has developed a fun and engaging month-long schedule of education, activities, and celebrations to recognize and honor the meaningful and lasting contributions of African Americans – in our health system, across our community, and throughout our nation.

TriHealth’s Black History Month program will offer our team members and physicians a range of opportunities to learn about, celebrate, and give thanks for the many important contributions of African Americans to the fields of medicine, science, and culture. And following are just a few of the many TriHealth Black History Month activities you can participate in throughout February:

  • A candid discussion with a Black physician health panel, featuring our own TriHealth physicians, to learn more about African American health and wellness.
  • An interactive book club session to discuss, “Dear White Friend,” a book by local business leader Dr. Melvin Gravely. This powerful read explores the realities of race and the power of relationships, with a focus on what the path to equity looks like.
  • An awareness campaign aimed at supporting our community by introducing – and promoting shopping at – local black-owned businesses across Greater Cincinnati.
  • A month-long Black History Month trivia contest hosted on Bridge – with LOTS of great prizes being shared every week for those who participate!

I hope you will join me in taking advantage of all of these fun, inspiring, and educational offerings as we celebrate Black History Month! Visit Bridge to learn more.

Leadership Development Institute Takes Place Tomorrow
As a reminder, tomorrow your leaders will be participating in our 24th Leadership Development Institute (LDI) between 8:30am and 1pm. Guided by your feedback from last fall’s Engagement Pulse & Culture of Safety Survey – which clearly indicated your desire for more open, honest two-way communications – this half-day virtual LDI will be devoted to helping our leaders improve communication skills while hardwiring and creating greater consistency with TriHealth Way Communication Practices. Following the LDI, your leaders will share with you key takeaways and next steps, as our leadership team works to improve and achieve greater consistency with local-level communications through huddles, department meetings, rounding, and much more. Thank you for supporting your leaders as they take the necessary time away from their daily responsibilities to participate in these important LDIs – all to become even better servant leaders for YOU!


COVID Update
Great news! COVID transmission rates continue to decrease in our region and have remained below the CDC threshold for mandatory masking in clinical areas for two consecutive weeks (see trend graph to right). And, we’re experiencing the same encouraging trends here at TriHealth, where we have just 33 COVID inpatients and zero on ventilators (see sidebar graphic to far right). These positive trends, together with the fact that we’re seeing fewer TriHealth team members and physicians out of work due to COVID, have resulted in our decision to roll back our mandatory clinical mask-wearing policy, which took effect yesterday (Monday, January 30). Now masking is optional throughout TriHealth facilities. However, to ensure we fully protect our most vulnerable populations, as well as our TriHealth team members and physicians, masks will continue to be required under certain patient care circumstances, such as when serving immunocompromised patients (as indicated by order in Epic) or when masking is requested by a patient. Signage will indicate where masks are required in these clinical settings. Please keep in mind though, because of the unpredictable nature of COVID transmissions, we may be required to return to clinical masking if county transmission rates again rise above the CDC threshold. As always, we will continue to closely monitor the situation and follow CDC guidelines.

It’s another GREAT week to celebrate the power of GREAT Teams! Once again, cheers to our Cincinnati Bengals for an incredible season – two years in a row! And Thank YOU, our TriHealth Team – for being the very BEST healthcare team anywhere, and ALWAYS!!!


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