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November 14, 2022

Back by popular demand, TriHealth once again partnered with Honey Baked Ham to provide all team members, physicians, contracted managers and volunteers with a gift certificate sent to their TriHealth email on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.*

The gift certificate is good for either a quarter ham, a turkey breast, or two large sides and a pie. You can redeem your gift certificate this holiday season or hold onto it for another special occasion in the future! The gift certificate will never expire.

To help you have the best experience when redeeming your voucher, here are a few things to note:

  • Placing your order online is recommended but not required. Orders need to be placed at least 24 hours ahead of their pick-up time. The sooner, the better!
  • You are welcome to stop by a location without placing an order ahead of time, but Honey Baked Ham can’t guarantee what will be in stock.
  • Honey Baked Ham Stores may experience busy times of the day.
  • Make sure the QR code is visible if you choose to print your voucher.
  • Need a little more help? Check out this Honey Baked Ham Ordering FAQ.

Team members should have received their Honey Baked Ham gift email starting on November 16, 2022 under the subject line [EXTERNAL] Celebrate the Holiday Season with a Honey Baked Ham from TriHealth. This email came from Honey Baked Ham, an outside email address, so remember to check your spam, junk or "Other" inbox folders and make sure the email was not deleted by mistake. Click here to find instructions on the Other inbox folder. The email has been vetted and approved by TriHealth Information Systems.

* To be eligible for this gift certificate, team members and physicians must be employed by Trihealth and hired on or before November 8, 2022. Those employed by organizations affiliated or partnered with TriHealth are not eligible for this gift certificate.

Using Your Gift Certificate Online

  • Ordering on a TriHealth Computer – If you are ordering on a TriHealth computer, please use Microsoft Edge or Chrome. Internet Explorer will not support the functionality.
  • Ordering on Mobile/Cell Phone – If you are ordering on your mobile/cell phone that is connected to TriHealth email, please click on the blue link below the “Redeem in Store Now” button. The Honey Baked Ham website will open in the Microsoft Edge app.

These additional steps have become necessary in partnership with TriHealth’s new multifactor authentication process. TriHealth is taking valuable and responsible measures to secure the online data of our health system’s patients and team members. It’s the responsible choice but requires a few additional actions to complete the Honey Baked Ham ordering process

How to Reserve a Pickup Order Online

  • Go to
  • Select “Store Pickup”
  • Enter your zip code and select “Place Pickup Order” under your preferred Honey Baked Ham location
  • Select “Reserve Online Pickup & Pay in Store”
  • Add your item(s) to the cart and select “Checkout”
  • Enter your contact information, choose your preferred pickup date and time, enter your contact info then “Place Order”
  • Make sure your Honey Baked Ham gift certificate QR code is accessible and ready to be scanned when you pick up your order.

You are welcome to stop by a location without placing an order ahead of time, but Honey Baked Ham can’t guarantee what will be in stock. While holidays are a busy time for Honey Baked Ham, they are prepared and happy to serve our TriHealth team members! And remember, this gift certificate never expires, so you can use it whenever you would like, including any holidays or special occasions your family celebrates.

Assistance and Questions 

  • Please check your email inbox for emails received starting on November 16, 2022. If you do not see your gift certificate, please check your spam, junk or “Other” inbox folders first. Click here to find instructions on the Other inbox folder. 
  • If you cannot locate your gift certificate even after checking your spam, junk or “Other” inbox folders, please email Be sure to include your first and last name and TriHealth email address.
  • For immediate assistance or to order, contact your local Honey Baked Ham store.
  • If you adhere to food preparation practices that prevent you from receiving a meal option from Honey Baked Ham, please email  

Thank you to all our team members for your hard work and commitment this holiday season and always. 

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