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26 October, 2020

Open Enrollment for your 2021 benefits is going on through Friday, November 6. All team members must make benefits elections to maintain benefits for calendar year 2021.

Any team members who do not participate in this Open Enrollment, will not have benefits coverage through TriHealth from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

We are pleased to be able to offer a TriHealth facility / provider tier with reduced co-insurance, Medical Therapy Management, and health navigation. With these enhancements, you will find better care, better health, and better value.

Visit HRCentral for Open Enrollment Resources
Make sure you are prepared to make benefits enrollment choices that suit you and your family by reviewing the comprehensive benefits information available on HRCentral
  • Review the Totally Yours Total Rewards Guide for medical, dental and vision plan rates, flexible spending accounts limits and highlights on the Total Rewards package.
  • Read the What’s New and Changing flyer to understand at-a-glance what’s changing for 2021.
  • Watch a Recorded Benefit Forum to help you understand your benefit options. 
Find the Help You Need
We want to support you as you make decisions about benefits that impact your personal and financial wellbeing. 
  • Visit a socially-distanced computer lab if you have computer access needs or want additional support to complete the online enrollment process. Due to social distancing, space will be limited. Please do not to delay enrolling in your benefits.
Computer Labs  Date Location
Bethesda North Monday, October 26 at 2-6pm  Creekside Computer Lab G & H
Good Samaritan  Tuesday, October 27 at 6am-1pm  Computer Lab Room 552.4 & 552.7 
McCullough-Hyde  Wednesday, October 28 at 9am-2pm  Computer Lab
Good Samaritan Thursday, October 29 at 2-6pm  Computer Lab Room 552.4 & 552.7 
Bethesda North Friday, October 30 at 6am-1pm  Creekside Computer Lab F 
Good Samaritan  Saturday, October 31 at 10am-2pm  Computer Lab Room 552.4 & 552.7 
McCullough-Hyde  Tuesday, November 3 at 1-6pm  Computer Lab 
Good Samaritan  Tuesday, November 3 at 7am-1pm  Computer Lab Room 552.4 & 552.7 
Bethesda North  Wednesday, November 4 at 7am-1pm  Creekside Computer Lab G & H 
Bethesda North  Friday, November 6 at 8am-5pm  Creekside Computer Lab G & H 
Good Samaritan  Friday, November 6 at 8am-5pm  Computer Lab Room 552.4 & 552.7 
McCullough-Hyde Friday, November 6 at 8am-5pm  Computer Lab 

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Have tried for 2 days to sign up. Keep getting a message that the website is down for maintenance.
Posted by: Pamela Conger on 29 October, 2020
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Sends me to a microsoft log-on when I try to sign up for benefits????
Posted by: Kelly Brown on 28 October, 2020
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Can't get to page to enroll. Have made multiple attempts since Mon. WHERE IS THE LINK?????
Posted by: Team Member on 28 October, 2020
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Not finding any results when selecting HRCENTRAL link. Page is empty. Does this irk off of a tablet or phone?
Posted by: Tim Cyrus on 27 October, 2020
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Says no documents avail when I sign in to HR to view 2021 Benefits
Posted by: Sheree Steinmetz on 20 October, 2020
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I am unable to open the link to watch the recorded benefit forum. It says no documents available
Posted by: Anne Casavant on 15 October, 2020
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