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28 July, 2020

Beginning July 29th, TriHealth will begin a phased implementation of a new badge tap software called Imprivata OneSign which will replace the current software to provide more efficiency and security for team members. A pilot has already occurred at Bethesda North and surrounding regional facilities on select workstations in addition to all emergency department locations which was completed on July 21st. At this time only virtual workstations will have the new software installed. The remainder of workstations will be updated at a date yet to be determined.


The Imprivata OneSign experience will look and feel very similar to your current experience with a few variations. Users will see a new login screen and new badge tap prompts as you move through your workflow. The biggest change is the logout process which will require team members to tap their badge instead of clicking the red door. Additionally, team member badges will automatically be updated with new software.


Click here to view the Imprivata OneSign tip sheets for additional information. This document can also be found on Bridge under Clinical Hub > Epic > Imprivata OneSign Tip Sheets in addition to the Learn Home Dashboard.



Onsite support will be available throughout the go-live and the IS Service Center will be remotely assisting team members. They can be reached at 513.569.5100.

Phased Go-Live Schedule

  • 7/29 – Bethesda North & Arrow Springs
  • 7/30 – Butler, Evendale Medical Center & MHMH
  • 7/31 – Kenwood, West Chester, Mason & Liberty
  • 8/4 – GSH & Clifton GH/MOB
  • 8/5 – Anderson, Western Hills & Western Ridge
  • 8/6 – Norwood, Loveland & Evendale West Surgery Center

**A full list of locations and dates for install has been sent out to all business units via email.**


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this takes longer than it used to, wondering what the hype was about
Posted by: James Davis on 17 August, 2020
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Can't wait until it comes to the lab !
Posted by: Team Member on 09 August, 2020
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this will save an enormous amount of time for TriHealth system. Many of us waste 45 minutes per day with multiple cumbersome log-ins. Glad to see it happen!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: John Beary on 30 July, 2020
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