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09 August, 2019

 “We appreciate everyone at TriHealth.  I pray we never have to use our skills, but when that day comes, I know we’ll be ready. This particular medic’s civilian job is at Home Depot and as he is in the National Guard as a medic, he doesn’t get a lot of hands on training because his civilian role is completely different than his military role,” commented one of the Combat Medic Specialists in the TriHealth May group. His unit is set to deploy in the fall.

We're celebrating our continued innovative partnership between four Cincinnati health systems through the Health Collaborative and the U.S. Military to provide high-quality, individualized, specialty medical training to military medical personnel by welcoming our fourth group of Soldiers during the month of August. Soldiers will be at TriHealth August 5-15, with graduation on August 16.

Our partnership with Cincinnati SMART 2.0 -(Strategic Medical Asset Readiness Training) began in Cincinnati on August 5. 

There are approximately 31 soldiers participating in Cincinnati in the third Quarter 2019, with seven soldiers training at TriHealth. Roles include Combat Medics, Nursing specialist, Radiology technician, Behavioral Health specialist and Health Services Administration.

They will be training in various areas at Bethesda North Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital, concluding with a simulation day through the TriHealth Education and Simulation Center on August 15.

We welcome the opportunity to continue to support the U.S. Military through this important initiative.


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Awesome support of the military!
Posted by: Mardia Shands on 22 August, 2019
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It's wonderful that our community has committed to support our troops in this meaningful way. How awesome to find a way to support those who risk so much for us!
Posted by: Jane Weber on 15 August, 2019
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This is a great honor and service to provide to our military service men and women who sacrifice so much to defend and protect us daily. It is a great honor to be part of this group. TriHealth, Leading the Way!
Posted by: Patrick Leeper on 15 August, 2019
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What a wonderfully innovative way to support our military. I share the hope that these emergency skills will never be needed, but it is great that TriHealth can help these individuals be ready to serve.
Posted by: Michele Benson on 14 August, 2019
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They are having a great experience. They are thankful for all the education, training and encouragement they've received at TriHealth. It's a great way to partner with our Healthcare Community to support our Military.
Posted by: Kimberly Morrow on 14 August, 2019
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Awesome !!
Posted by: Team Member on 14 August, 2019
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This is great , to give these soldiers this kind of training . I was a combat medic myself ,wish I could of got this kind of training , thanks TriHealth for helping our soldiers !!
Posted by: Robert Dooley on 14 August, 2019
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Great and SMART addition to the Trihealth Team. Thank you for your support and prayers to keep everyone safe.
Posted by: Doris Keller on 14 August, 2019
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This sounds like a wonderful plan. I am happy that Trihealth has partnered with the troops in this way!
Posted by: Colleen Hickman on 14 August, 2019
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Trihealth supports our US Troops!!!!!
Posted by: Sherry McDaniel on 14 August, 2019
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Way to go Trihealth!!
Posted by: Joanna Tickle on 14 August, 2019
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