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05 August, 2019

We are happy to announce the next set of winners for the Living Our Values (LOV) Award!

Congratulations to the following team members:

Region Represented Winner Department Nomination

Lat Diouf

GSH Lab – Support Services “Walk onto any nursing unit in the hospital and the teams will be able to tell you a "Lat story," as we have come to call them in the lab. NSICU will tell you about the time he sang to anxious patient to calm her. CDU will tell you how he sang "Happy Birthday" to a patient in French, and MSICU will talk about the time he picked a grieving mother off the floor and took her to the Chapel and prayed with her. This is just who Lat is and what he does every day. He is truly a "Good Samaritan”.”
North/ Arrow Springs

Brein Pyfrin

North Security

“Officer Pyfrin continues about her daily work task and while doing so will make extra effort on things and engage in other activities without notice or recognition; solely because that is who she is as a person.”

“During a recent Security Incident, a visitor was arrested for drug charges, which left her 3-year-old son to the security department while his grandfather was coming to get him. During the walk from the patient’s room to the security office the little boy expressed that his birthday was coming up and he was a little upset that his "mommy might not be there again". Officer Pyfrin walked with the little boy to the security office while stopping to get the little boy a drink and something to eat; he expressed he hadn't eaten breakfast yet. Officer Pyfrin made the little guy comfortable and continued conversations with him, he told Officer Pyfrin it was his birthday on April 1st, and he would be 4. Officer Pyfrin recognized that his upcoming birthday might not be as exciting as the little guy once expected, due to his comment that mom might not be there again. Officer Pyfrin found some Scooby Doo (3-year old’s favorite cartoon he said) entertainment on the computer and ask another officer to keep him company for a short time. Officer Pyfrin returned a short time later with a bag from the gift shop with birthday balloons and a gift for the little guy. Officer Pyfrin took it upon herself and her own funds to attempt to make a lasting impression on this young boy's life during a time that was rough on him. Officer Pyfrin purchased an animal creature plush blanket and an action figure toy for the little guy for his birthday from the gift shop. When his grandfather arrived to pick him up, Officer Pyfrin told him that the bag and balloons were from the Security Department for his birthday; the grandfather was very appreciative, and the little boy had the biggest smile of the day. This 3-year-old was present when his mom was walked out by the police and he didn't seem to be bothered too much but made the comment that his mommy might not be at his birthday again. Instead of leaving with this feeling, this little guy left with a smile on his face, a drink in his pocket and cheese-its in his cheeks - all at the work of Officer Pyfrin. Officer Pyfrin recognized a tough situation and decided to better this at her own expense and I believe she should be recognized for this.“


David Schmidt

EMC Maintenance - 1

“Dave consistently serves the staff and patients at Evendale Hospital. Dave takes pride in responding to calls in a prompt professional manner. The staff at Evendale Hospital specifically seek Dave out when issues arise, this is because Dave shows genuine concern and they know he will take care of the issue. Dave is known as a hard worker and is also able to put a personal touch on every job making people feel special. Dave Schmidt is Living Our Values. He Serves!!!! “

“Dave recently came in the middle of the night worked and got one our critical systems back up and running preventing a disruption in operation at TriHealth Evendale Hospital. Dave stayed on site monitored the system and worked the next day. Dave is not paid to monitor our building automation systems from home but regularly checks on things. He noticed this issue and was willing to respond preventing us from having a disruption of service to our patients and loss of revenue due to systems being down. Dave takes pride in being a professional at his job and being a TriHealth Evendale Hospital employee. This is just one example of Dave going above and beyond. Dave is an important part of the TriHealth Evendale Hospital maintenance team.”


Lynette Austin

BTLER Lab – Support Service

“Lyn is a shining example of ALWAYS behaviors and SERVE principles!!! No matter what the circumstance she always puts the patient first! Her pleasant manner and easy-going personality shine consistently even during high patient volume and/or stressful situations. She makes every effort to accommodate PTO requests in our department, and is always quick to give a helping hand, making each of us feel supported and valued as an important part of the team. Thank you, Lyn!”

“As a phlebotomist, Lyn Austin had a patient in our outpatient lab that was wheel-chair bound and had severely arthritic hands. She noticed she had lost weight from the last time and asked if anything had changed. She couldn't make lunch for herself anymore and she had to wait until her husband came home at night to eat. Lyn later went to her home and took her something to eat and gave her some Ensure. She suggested that her husband open them up before work so she could drink them for lunch.“


Susan Denlinger

MHMH ICU/ CCU “Susan came down with her patient from ICU to MRI. The patient was not holding still, and Susan asked if it would be alright if she stood in the room with her during the test. She stood/hunched over at the opening of the magnet so that she could reach the pts hand to hold. The test lasted 30 min and she held the patient for the whole test. There's NO way that we would have even gotten one set of pictures, much less the whole test done without her going above and beyond today. Susan is such an awesome employee!”
Shared Services

Cori Grandle

TRIS HR Diversity Language Services

“I have the pleasure of working with Cori on TriHealth Young Professionals (TYP). Cori is an exemplar of the TriHealth Way in all she does. She is truly a "Living Our Values" team member. She is always happy, friendly, and willing to go above and beyond to help someone in need. Cori has taken on a number of extra responsibilities as a team member to help support TriHealth Way/SOAR initiatives. She is uniquely passionate about her linguistics role and has drastically enhanced services.”

“Cori is a S&R Trainer. She is an advocate of S&R and shares her learning with TYP members. -Cori is the first to share a safety story or celebrate wins during meetings.-I have heard Cori deliver presentations regarding linguistics-- she is sincerely passionate and always looks for opportunities to help patients and team members (i.e. going out of her way to make sure a team member has accommodations to hear a training course). (Contact diversity for additional stories and stats).-Cori is inclusive. When we are planning a TYP event, she is always thoughtful of including the other Employee Resource Groups/Diversity Advisory Council members.-Cori respects and values contributions of others. People love working with Cori because she is always happy to share her ideas, but always listens to others and respects their contributions. -I have witnessed Cori picking up trash on the floor and cleaning up messes that aren't hers.-Cori has a great pulse on the organization and takes the time to learn and stay current with TriHealth Way/SOAR initiatives. -Cori is truly deserving of this recognition as she is an Ambassador of "Always!"

“I would like to nominate Cori Grandle for the Values Award. Cori demonstrates all our TriHealth Values from serving our patients and families to meet their linguistic needs, our community by providing a high level of communication services, and our team members by helping them bring their Bright Ideas to life. Thank you, Cori, for everything you do for all of us here at TriHealth! We are so lucky to have you!”


Jeffrey Nelson

GHCL General Administration

“There is a patient who comes regularly and most if not all of the Front Desk team members know him by name. We will call him "Bob". Bob has multiple physical limitations and gets around with a motorized wheel chair. His vision is not optimal, and he is deaf. Sometimes he is accompanied by a care-giver and sometimes his ride will drop him off at the door and he is able to get himself up to the lobby where he will usually just call out loudly for help and a team member will get him where he needs.”

“Jeff first heard BOB this day as he called loudly for help and another team member assisted him and took him to the floor he needed to be for his appointment. Jeff was having lunch in the Good Samaritan cafeteria and heard someone yelling for help and when he turned around, he saw it was Bob. The strap of his bag was stuck under the wheel of his wheelchair and he couldn't see how it was stuck and couldn't get it unstuck. Jeff went over to help Bob and was able to free the bag for Bob. He was yelling very loud and continuously until Jeff came over. Bob recognized Jeff and thanked him for helping him. While Jeff was helping, he noticed a table of hospital employees wearing scrubs pointing to and laughing at Bob. After Jeff finished taking care of Bob and before going back to his seat to finish his lunch, he stopped at that table and told them how awful they were for making fun of a person for yelling. He explained to them Bob's limitations and that his "yelling" is his only real means for communication. Jeff also pointed out that their behavior was not only wrong, but it was against everything that TriHealth stands for and how we are expected to be. He told them that none of them were using any of the ALWAYS behaviors and should feel ashamed to treat someone like that. Even though the patient did not see them laughing he probably heard it. This is not atypical behavior for Jeff. He puts the needs of our patients above everything. He is the true example of how every team member should be. TriHealth and especially my department is so very fortunate to have him on our team.”

(BOB is a made up name in place of the patients real name)


Colleen Hickman

GHKN Internal Med PHYS SPECIALTY “Colleen has been recognized during rounding by almost every employee in Internal Medicine, front desk staff, and the lab department for her willingness to help other employees and/or physicians no matter what the task might be. She takes pride in everything that she does. Always striving for the best outcome. Excellent follow up and not afraid to ask questions. In doing so, she lives our values daily in each task, with each employee, and for each and every patient.”
Pavilion/ Corp Health

Jenaye Baumer

PROS REHAB MED – PT/OT/ST “Jenaye has been a vital team member helping everyone when needed. She was able to finance equipment necessary to provide quality treatments to her patients by successfully applying for a Bethesda Foundation grant. She continuously exhibits our always behaviors with her patients, patient's family members and other team members. She is a skilled speech therapist and a wonderful person. Trihealth is lucky to have her as a team member.”

Ellen Pepple

HOC Professional Development and Education “Ellen joined the Professional Development & Education Department in the Spring of 2018 and has already made herself an invaluable part of the team. In the short time since becoming a Training Specialist, Ellen has developed a 2-hour continuing education presented monthly on Communication: An Essential Part of the Hospice Experience. She has a passion for teaching others about the importance of connection and relationship building with our patients/families and with other team members. She has also become the lead educator on computer training, developed new computer training tools, and identified an innovative software to improve retention and access to computer training for all HOC team members. Ellen has also stepped up as the SOAR Champion for all team members who report to Suzanne Christie. Her belief and excitement about sharing TriHealth's SERVE values and Always Behaviors is evident in how she shares SOAR updates in emails utilizing AIDET + The Promise. Ellen's is a true educator noted by her desire to truly understand how others learn. She adapts her education style based on the needs of the learner and because of this, she helps the learner achieve their goals. Ellen's achievements far exceed my expectations of a Training Specialists, but even more so because she is still new to this role. I am so grateful for the value she has already brought to HOC in this role and excited to see what she will bring next.”

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These are stories of commitment and compassion - many thanks to the award recipients, well-deserved!
Posted by: Jane Weber on 15 August, 2019

Congratulations to all! This is why TriHealth excels above other medical organizations.
Posted by: Rhonda Maybriar on 14 August, 2019

Congratulations to all & well deserved. It is an honor to work at TriHealth with such wonderful Team Members. Thank you for everything you do to make us GREAT!
Posted by: Deborah Miller2 on 13 August, 2019

Congratulations to all of you. You stepped up in compassion and humanity to serve and inspire others!
Posted by: Linda Stichtenoth on 12 August, 2019

Ellen, we are blessed to have you. Thank you for all you do.
Posted by: Melody Losey on 11 August, 2019

These are great stories!!
Posted by: Susan Murray on 07 August, 2019

Congratulations to you all on your wonderful achievement!!!! Ellen, you are such an amazing addition to our team. We appreciate all that you do. You represent Hospice of Cincinnati and TriHealth in such a professional manner. Thank you for all you do!
Posted by: Cindy on 07 August, 2019

Posted by: Bobbi Saldivar on 07 August, 2019

Congratulations to all! Well done!
Posted by: Daesha Isham on 06 August, 2019