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06 April, 2020











Fit testing is required for anyone who requires an N95:

  • N95 is required for direct care of any COVID positive or suspected patient, or if performing an aerosolizing procedure.
  • Only a surgical mask is required for routine patient care of non-COVID patients, or in an outpatient setting for recovering non-febrile COVID patient follow up (with patient in a mask)
  • Use the PPE Matrix on COVID Resource page for guidance

To make an appointment click this link:  

  • Note location and time on the appointment link
  • Fit Test Appointment will take about 30 minutes
  • Arrive clean shaven
    •  Facial hair (such as beards) are not permitted
    •  Facial hair must be shaved within at least 24 hours of appointment
    • Failure to do the above will results in rescheduling the appointment
  • Do not eat or drink anything other than water within 30 minutes of your appointment time
  • Fit Testing includes
    • OSHA required respirator training
    • N95 Fit Test

Direct Questions to Employee Health:

  • Bethesda North Employee Health
    • Respiratory Fit Test Line: 513-865-9002
    • 10506 Montgomery Road, Suite 106
  • Good Samaritan Employee Health
    • Respiratory Fit test Line: 513-862-9962
    • 379 Dixmyth Ave, 6th Floor (Group Health Connector)

Printable Appointment Guidelines

Full Fit Testing Schedule

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I am currently on vacation but do not see sign ups for 6/8 at University Station, when will these be posted?
Posted by: Melissa Brinkman on 02 June, 2020

Just curious, on 04/09 someone donated a box of what appears to be 3M brand 6200 respirators with 3M 2097 P100 filters to the COVID unit on the 2300 tower. How can we get fit tested for these before wearing them?
Posted by: Patrick Clausen on 14 April, 2020

I'm confused are all employees expected to wear the N95 mask I work in environmental services on days part time weekends doing floor care on all hall floors please answer some one
Posted by: Lonnie Davis on 09 April, 2020

Would not work using Internet Explorer, but would work with Microsoft Edge.
Posted by: Paul Pietrzyk on 09 April, 2020

link not working
Posted by: Casandra Spreen on 08 April, 2020