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23 August, 2019

HRCentral will be available on September 17, from outside TriHealth with Two-Factor Authentication! This added layer of security will allow our Team Members to once again make their own changes to Direct Deposit elections! 

What Does this Mean? 
This means a few things for our users:

  1. Logging into HRCentral when on the TriHealth network will not change.
  2. There will be a change when logging into HRCentral from outside the TriHealth network. You will be prompted to enter your Active Directory login and password. This is your user name and password that you use to log into the network, Bridge, EPIC, etc. Once you have entered that information, you will be prompted for a code that will be sent to you via our Two-Factor authentication system for added security. (More on that below). Once you enter that code, you will be prompted to log into HRCentral just like you do when you are on the TriHealth network.
  3. You will now be able to make changes to your Direct Deposit, without using a paper process, when Logging into HRCentral from inside or outside TriHealth.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?
Two-Factor Authentication is a two-step process that helps confirm that you are really the one who is logging into HRCentral. This is the same process that is being used if you have tried to login to  TriHealth Bridge from outside the TriHealth network. 

What Do I Need to Do?
In order to be prepared to log in from outside using Two-Factor Authentication, please do the following: 

  1. If you use Two-Factor authentication to login into the new TriHealth Bridge, TriHealth VPN via Big-IP Edge Client or Duo, you don’t have to do anything as you are already setup.
  2. If you have not done the above or not sure you are setup, do the following:
    Call the IS Service Center at 513 569 5100 and ask to be set up for Two-Factor Authentication. 
    Once they verify who you are, they will be able to set it up while you are on the phone
    After you have been set up, you are ready to login to HRCentral or use Two-Factor Authentication for any application that requires it.

What if I Forget to Sign Up Before September 17, 2019?
If you do not sign up until after implementation on September 17, 2019, no worries. Simply call the IS Service Center at 513 569 5100 and they will be able to get you setup anytime!

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The directions on this is great and easy!! Thanks
Posted by: Melissa Thompson2 on 26 August, 2019